female photography

So WTF is it? by jenna madonia

A lot of you have been asking me questions about what exactly Girl Gang is. Well, the thing is that it makes total sense in my head, but I’m not the best at words, but here I go!

I have asked several women I know; friends, family, and acquaintances to stand in front of my camera and let me take their portrait. Here’s the kicker though — they have all chosen another women who has either inspired them, given them strength, taught them something valuable, is their hero or icon, et cetera. In each woman’s photo, they are using some element, whether it be clothing, make up, hair styling, props, writing things on their bodies with sharpies, whatever they want use to represent that woman. Then because I have to explain damn near everything I do, I have asked them all to write about that women and themselves.

It’s meant to symbolize unity but also individuality. It’s a connection with each other that we so desperately need right now. We need to cultivate this strong force of women empowerment happening in our society today. Let’s keep the movement strong and fierce, like we really all are.

I’m doing every portrait on the same white background, with the exact same lighting. The photos of each person’s handwritten testimonial will be on a black backdrop. I wish I could show you all some examples, but I have promised myself that these will all be released at once! Ya’ll will be the first to know when the release party is and where.

The whole concept behind Girl Gang is to inform, inspire, and connect. It started as a way for me to learn more about feminism. Hearing different perspectives about what feminism means and sharing that knowledge with the world. The concept of feminism is greatly askew, so I’ll let you know what it means to me.

Feminism is truth, equality, freedom, happiness, confidence, and art. It’s about ensuring that our world and it’s inhabitants are free to be themselves, express themselves, and make their own choices. It’s about a timeless act of self-love and acceptance. A new world to some. A world foreign to many. It opened many doors for me when I didn’t even see a door in sight.

Personally, feminism saved me. It gave me strength, courage, and taught me that perseverance is key. Nevertheless, I persisted. We persisted. We will persist. We persist. We are the future, ladies.