Girl Gang: A New Journey / by jenna madonia

It was a busy day for me. I was working on several jobs that needed to be done as soon as possible when I took a break. I often listen to music on breaks/while I’m not doing my “real job.” All of a sudden, I got an idea while listening to Brody Dalle’s, “Carry On,” off the Diploid Love album.

This year has been rather tough for me. I say that but I think about all the other years — they’ve all been tough. That’s what life is though! You gotta roll with the punches. Diploid Love has been the album of the year for me, really. So when Carry On inspired me to do this project, it made perfect sense.

Feminism, photography, and music saved me after a very dark time in my life. I wanted to do something that embodied all three of those. I wanted a project I could sink into and almost become, in a way. Thus Girl Gang transpired.

I immediately texted my best friend Amy, and looked over at my twin sister and told them the idea for this particular project. They gave me the belief that it was actually a good idea and could be really big for the women involved as well as those who view the project. I have lots of ideas for photo projects/books. It’s tough for me to actually start and accomplish them because I suffer from PTSD and depression. The fact that I’ve already shot a bit for this project is huge. I’m incredibly grateful to my supporters. You all have really lead me to believe I can do this.

The point of taking portraits of women who have incorporated something from another woman they admire is to say, “Hey, we are powerful together. We are strong. We do amazing things everyday.” I want this project to be big for those involved and those who see my finished project. I want us to come together. Today’s political climate is a scary one. One where women are treated poorly and made into objects. WE ARE NOT OBJECTS. We are beautiful. We are fighters, survivors, musicians, photographers, writers, gamers, videographers, sewing experts, roller derby players, students, moms, sisters, aunts, coffee lovers — We are US. Fierce, adaptable, loving humans who just want to be heard.

This is my way of giving us a voice. This is my way of giving women the right to be heard.